Field Trips

  • Nearby Facilities
  • Social Excursions

Grad School Prep

There will be sessions targeted towards preparing students to apply to graduate school.  These include workshops on how to write a personal statement, from whom and how to solicit letters of recommendation, GRE preparation sessions, a graduate student panel discussion, and meeting with faculty on admissions committees to provide advice on what graduate programs are looking for.


Students will receive the facility tours during week 1, and every participant will be required to become proficient in the use of at least one of them through regular training sessions, as well as use during their project. Facilities participating in the REU are:

Students in a classroom at Stokes Hall.Seminars

Various talks and workshops will be given throughout the summer, including professional development (e.g. Science Translation, Resume Building, Time Management). In addition, there will be “Lunch Seminars” from local leading experts applying cutting edge science to challenging societal problems.

Student Talks

This program will provide participants a unique opportunity to learn about science across disciplines, as well as develop important communication skills. Specifically, students will give a 5 minute talk on their summer research plans, during the second week. A month later, each participant will give a 10 minute talk on their progress, and how they will troubleshoot moving forward. Mentors will work one-on-one with their students before and after the talks to provide guidance on improving their presentation skills, especially in preparation for their final talks in week 10.