Links to potential projects are given below.

Developing graphene sensors of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Burch and van Opijnen)
Optical Sensors with Nano-Topological Materials (K.S. Burch)
Proximity Devices from Functional Materials (F. Tafti)

Probing the Mechanisms of Water Oxidation with Stopped-Flow with IR Spectroscopy (M. Waegele)
Identifying Proteins Essential to Host Cell Invasion (E. Weerapana)

Drosophila genetics to understand the basic mechanisms of tissue repair (V. Losick)
Dynamics of Coupled Oscillator Networks to Model the Brain (J. Engelbrecht) Elucidating Mechanisms in Visible Light-Driven Photocatalysis Using Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy (M.Waegele)
 Bacterial communities in microfluidic chambers (T. van Opijnen) Exploring the fitness landscapes of riboswitches (M. Meyer)
Integration of in vivo neural recordings and artificial intelligence to investigate the neurobiology of social decision making (J. Christianson) Molecules in Toxoplasma cell division and cytokinesis (M.J. Gubbels)